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“When you talk, you are only repeating what you know; but when you listen, you learn something new.”   Dalai Lama

Social and Emotional Learning - PK to Grade 12 

We are pleased to offer schools a digital PK-Grade 12 Social and Emotional Learning program called Ripple Effects. Ripple Effects is used to support behavioral interventions and is personalized for each student’s challenges. Ripple Effects can be both student directed or teacher led. 

Ripple Effects has: 

    •    Screener for student’s strengths

    •    Digital and include Pocket Coach for mobile

    •    Covers over 400 topics in the Teens Category

    •    Include Narration

    •    Video-Based for effective delivery 

    •    Caters to all modes of learning including ELL

    •    Data Viewer to track usage

Spoken English Language - Digital - English 

The cornerstone of ESL student success is to be understood and understand spoken communication. Carnegie Speech can give students the confidence to express thoughts, ideas and solutions. 

    •    Digital

    •    Screeners for students to determine challenges.

    •    Individualized lessons based on results

    •    Pronunciation, Grammar, Fluency, Word Stress

    •    Include Video, Audio and Modeling 

    •    Recording Capabilities

    •    Perfect for TELPAS Prep and Newcomers.

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