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Phonics and Decoding

Instruction for Spanish Early Reading 

El Camino al Exito

An early reading Intervention for PK-Kinder students learning to read in Spanish, it is designed to to prepare students entering Grade 1. 

El Camino offers a highly structured, systematic program with scripted and easy to follow lesson plans for teachers. El Camino follows the sequence of Spanish phonological awareness and phonics skills. 

Use El Camino al Exito to: 

1) Develop phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency and even writing skills

2) Sequential and systematic

3) 20-30 minute daily lessons 

4) Differentiated instruction for small groups 

Video on Reading Syllables - El Camino al Exito in Action 

An overview of El Camino al Exito

Features of El Camino al Exito: 

El Camino al Exito has:

1) Placement Tests 

2) 5 Teachers Manuals 

3) 5 Manuals with Supporting Materials 

4) Daily Practice Sheets 

5) Benchmark Assessments 

6) Binder with letters, game sheets, syllable-square strips

7) Syllable and Word Booklets 

8) Binder with Syllable Cards

9) Picture Cards, student letter cards, and word cards

10) Letter Tiles

11) Grounding Sentences for each target sound, syllable or pattern

12) Posters of Beginning Sounds and Alphabet 

13) Games!! 

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