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In your Social Studies instruction, go beyond the textbooks and include Digital Personal Stories to enhance and engage your students in historical events.

Engage your students in Social Studies class:

We provide video interviews and first hand accounts of people involved in historical events from World Wars, Vietnam and Korean wars, life of veterans, The Great Depression, historical figures and many more events. 

The interviews are bilingual in English and Spanish. 

They are aligned to national and state standards.

They come with scripted lesson plans for you to implement in your classroom. Lesson plans are in English and Spanish. 

Research has shown that personal narratives and stories instill critical thinking skills in students. They engage and excite students on historical events. 

Contact us to see a preview of GBC Stories for your Social Studies class. We can set up a trial account for your school and schedule in a Zoom. 

Lena Allison

Tel: 972-375-5861 

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