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“We remember 10% of what we hear, 30% of what we see, and 90% of what we do!” Jean Piaget

Manipulative-Based Math Program

Math Programs from Math Teachers Press are used for Small Group Intervention, Tutoring or Summer School. The programs are best for identifying gaps in Math Skills and ensuring students are up to their grade level in Math. 

The programs use the research-based and successful Concrete-Representational-Abstract approach in Math Intervention. 

  • Aligned to TEKS
  • For Pre K up to Algebra
  • Teachers Manual and Student Workbooks
  • Pre Tests to screen your students 
  • Constant Progress Monitoring - daily reviews, checkpoints,  post tests, unit tests and more
  • Scripted Lesson Plans 
  • Use of Manipulatives in all lesson plans
  • Family Letters 
  • Skill Builders for Reteaching 
  • Pacing Calendar
  • Math Related Activities and Games
  • Digital Components Available
  • Spanish Components Available

List of Math Programs

Extensions - PK-Grade 8 - Used for pull out Intervention, Summer School, Stations

Foundations - Grade 1 - Grade 8 - Targeted Intervention by Strands 

Connections - PK - Grade 2 - Literacy Based Math Program 

Moving with Algebra - from Pre Algebra to full Algebra program 

Math By Topic - SPED Math Program for Grade 1 - Grade 8

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